Disney's Encanto Film Review
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Disney’s Encanto Film Review – A magical story with family at it’s heart

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Disney’s first studio animation was Snow White released all the way back in 1937. Who would have thought 84 years later they would be releasing their 60th animation. Well they are and it will be in cinemas from November 24th. I was lucky enough to have an early look at the film and meet the producer Clark Spencer, the director and writer Jared Bush, and the co-director and writer Charise Smith. With all that access I thought you might like a little Encanto film review. So here it is.

Encanto Film Review - Clark Spencer, Jared Bush, Charise Castro Smith

Encanto’s Madrigal Family

Encanto is set in the mountains of Columbia and follows the Madrigal family. The family have been blessed with a miracle which has enchanted their house and given each member of the family special gifts. From super strength, to super hearing to the power to heal. Now don’t go all Incredibles here, we aren’t putting on spandex and saving the world. These family members use their gifts to help their local community, and up until our story starts everything has been peace love and harmony.

But the Encanto (Charm) is fading

That’s right, although everything looks fine, we slowly start to learn that everything is not as it seems. Our heroine Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz – Brooklyn Nine-Nine) who happens to be the only member of the Madrigals without a gift, may be the only one who can figure out the strange happenings. It’s going to take her on an adventure of discovery and we are along for the ride.

Encanto Film Review - The Madrigals
The Madrigals
Disney's Encanto Film Review - Mirabel

Can’t tell you much more than that as I don’t want to spoil the story but there are some wonderful touches that will have you laughing, crying, dancing and singing along. One of my favourites things about this movie is the characters. They all have such individual personalities and with so many of them you are bound to have your favourites. Mine were Mirabel’s little cousin Antonio who is just the cutest little boy, and Bruno (John Leguizamo) who’s superstitious little quirks and mannerisms brought his story to life. Then there is Casita (the house they live in) even though it doesn’t say a word during the whole film it is very much loved member of the family who communicates in an infinite number of ways. Every time you see this movie you will notice something new. But what’s the verdict?

Disney’s Encanto film review verdict?

The cry for some time during the naughties was to see more diversity among the strong female characters in Disney’s features. And this film is another step in the right direction. Music from Lin Manuel will definitely have you tapping your feet all the way, and it will be interesting to see which song becomes the ear worm your kids sing from dusk til dawn. A vibrant and magical musical heart-warmer Encanto is a welcome return from Disney with a story that has family at it heart.

Family Appeal

What were your thoughts on this film review?

If you have any thoughts/views on this Encanto film review or the film itself, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Or come and tell us what you thought at one of our Dad Chats.

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