Father's Day 2022
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Dad Chats Live – All About Celebrating Father’s Day 2022

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All About Celebrating Fathers Day 2022 

Last night we had a Father’s Day 2022 special for Dad Chats. We delved into the important questions – what are we doing to celebrate father’s day 2022 and what gifts would we like! But more importantly we talked about the importance of being a father, what it means to us, and how we try to get it right for our kids.

We also delved into the importance of having a good parenting community to support dads, and why it is so good to see them popping up to support dads everywhere. We know some dads aren’t great at reaching out for support, but we also know that there are some dads who need it. And we are here to help! Why not share this Dad Chat with some of your dad friends, and encourage them to join the Dadvenger crew? You never know how much they might appreciate a little nudge our way! 

And big thanks to @eddiepittphotography , @iain.dick , @rad_the_dad , @danshomedeli and @tmcracing162 for coming up to join in. It was great to see some old and new faces joining us to celebrate father’s day 2022. Some of these guys have been part of the community since the early days, and it is great to see them still here now!

Dad Chats Live – Father’s Day 2022

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