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Dad Chats Live - Nutrition
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Dad Chats Live – Food and Nutrition is so important

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Dad Chats Live – 23 July 202 – Food and Nutrition.

OK folks, we know that feeding our kids isn’t always easy. Sometimes, they just don’t want to eat the good stuff we cook for them. Or, they decide that the toast is too toasty, the milk is too milky, tomatoes are too tomatoey… you get where we are going right!?

So this week we talked about food and nutrition. How well do our kids eat generally? Do we think they eat a varied, and healthy enough diet? Do we wish we could do better? We wanted to hear how you are managing this minefield. And of course, that led us into the second topic of the night – fussy eaters! Some of our kids really don’t want to eat healthily, no matter how hard we try, we just can’t get them to accept that vegetables are good, and will not kill them! So how do we manage that with our kids? Do you hide veg in their food? Do you wait it out… we got some great advice here on getting our kids to eat better.

For our light-hearted topic this week we wanted to know about the unhealthy things you, and your kids like to eat. This one had some strange concoctions, but we loved hearing about them!

Topics we covered:

1. How much attention do we pay to our kids nutrition: do we think our kids eat well in general?

2. Some kids are fussy eaters and getting them to eat nutritious meals can be difficult – how do we manage that?

3. For our lighthearted question, we want to know what is the strangest, unhealthy thing you / your kids like to eat?

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