Star Wars Dads - Everything you need to know about MandoMondays
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Star Wars Dads – Everything you need to know about #MandoMondays

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This one is for my Star Wars Dads, yes it’s everything you need to know about #MandoMondays! Now I know not every dad likes Star Wars but there are plenty of you out there. And for lots of you it’s a rite of passage to introduce your kids to the franchise that lit up our imaginations as children. Well earlier this year we had our first taste of the The Mandalorian, a new Disney+ series set in the Star Wars universe.

I must say I watched the first series and absolutely loved it. Definitely my favourite spin-off from the franchise. And the saga continues with a new episode from series 2 going up every Friday between now and Christmas! So to celebrate this, those clever merchandise folks have brought us #MandoMondays.

What are #MandoMondays?

Mando Mondays is a nine week long global celebration of consumer products, games, and publishing releases to tie in with the second season of The Mandalorian. After the Launch of the series on October 30th 2020, fans can visit the Star Wars UK Facebook page each Monday to see what new toys, collectibles, apparel, books, comics, digital content will be showcased.

The thing is, we know some of our Dadvengers aren’t on Facebook. So we’re going to showcase some of our favourite bits right here on this post. By the end you’ll have everything you need to know about #MandoMondays. Please leave comments at the bottom about your favourite items and if you spot the perfect Christmas gift don’t forget you can Click on the links or photos to buy and pre-order before stocks run out.

Everything you need to know about #MandoMondays - Nigel Clarke
Everything you need to know about #MandoMondays – Nigel Clarke

Everything you need to know about #MandoMondays

Week 1 – Monday 26th October

Adidas Collection

Adidas Originals Silhouettes are the latest additions their Star Wars inspired trainers. The collection includes designs based on the Mandalorian’s armor, the Darksaber, and, of course, the Child. Available from November 4th these are expected o sell out quickly so be quick if you want to own a pair.

Prices Range from £40 – £110

  • Everything you need to know about #MandoMondays - NMD_R1 THE MANDALORIAN SHOES
Element Collection
  • Everything you need to know about #MandoMondays - Element Skateboard

Skateboard company Element have launched a collection of apparel, accessories and hard goods inspired by the series. The global, vibrant collection features Sweatshirts, T-shirts, Skateboards and accessories and a bag. All items have artwork capturing the scenes and characters in.

Prices range from £13-£90

Funko character addition

In addition to their already extensive range, Funko have added Cara Dune and The Mythrol to the Mandalorian set. A shock trooper in the Galactic Civil War Cara Dune fought under the banner of the Rebellion. And the Mythrol was first seen in the pilot episode of the series. Both characters are key players in the new series they’re a definite must have for the Funko collectors out there.

Price Approx £11 each

  • Everything you need to know about #MandoMondays - Mandalorian_CaraDune_POP
    CaraDune POP

Week 2 – Monday 2nd November

LEGO Collection

Star Wars is no stranger to LEGO and there have been many sets over the years. Here we have 3 sets that will have collectors and children alike saving their pennies to get their hands on these beauties. First there is the Brick Heads set, then there is the ‘The Child’ build and display set, and finally the awesome Razor Crest set.

Prices range from £18-£120

Bedding collection

Our kids all like to cuddle up with their favourite toys, teddy’s and blankets. And now they can feel super special and cosy as they snuggle up under their very own Madalorian bedding with ‘The Child’ aka Baby Yoda on the front. The designs are reversible too so you get two great designs in one.

Price approx £17

Disney Store kids collection

A Disney production would be nothing without it very own exclusive merchandise exclusively sold at the Disney Store and the Mandalorian is no exception. This week they added some sweatshirts and T-shirts along with a bag and a Padfolio. All items feature The Child and we have a feeling there may be a few more gems being saved for later in the run.

Prices range from £18-£40

Week 3 – Monday 9th November

Mandalorian Helmet by Hasbro

Hasbro is adding this awesome Mandalorian Helmet to it’s Black Series. These 1:1 scale helmets have detailed features and decoration and the quality and realism that Star Wars fans love. Like other helmets in the series, it’s fully wearable and features foam padding and adjustable fittings, plus has a removable tactical light and interior lights that take your roleplaying to the next level. They call it a toy… we call it a way of life! This is the way 🤣

Price £120

Mandalorian Winter Warmers

As the weather gets cold, it’s nice to have some winter warmers in the wardrobe to keep you cosy through the winter months. Well there are plenty of Mandalorian inspired items out there for you to choose from, and here are just a few. Asda have a few bits with their Christmas Jumper being our favourite. H&M also have some cool sweatshirts, but the cutest would have to be the baby cap with floppy ears available from EMP.

Prices start at £6

Week 4 – Monday 16th November

Disney Store Bags and Accessories

The cutest bounty in the galaxy is now available for intergalactic adventures on a new range of bags and accessories! These lovely items are only available at the Disney Store and will fly off the shelves whether we’re in lockdown or not. There’s a backpack, a passport bag, and a pouch/pencil case. All of which will win you some dad brownie points in the Christmas present stand off.

Prices range from £10 -£60

Which part of the Star Wars franchise doesn’t have costumes for the kids to get dressed up in. We all know that our children love to dress up as their favourite characters. And sometimes once the costumes are on the kids don’t want to take them off. Well these are no exception. Available from Rubies Costumes official amazon store there is even a cute little outfit for baby that will turn you into the coolest dad out there.

Prices range from £18-£40

Week 4 – Monday 23rd November

Electronic products for kids

3 Electronic products for the kids are added to the Mando Monday list today. First up we have The Child “Baby Yoda” Bluetooth Speaker. This mini rechargeable “Baby Yoda” speaker streams wirelessly via Bluetooth to enjoy quality sound in a small speaker. Next are the The Child Wired Headphones. And finally we have the Mandalorian Lights and Sounds Walkie Talkies

Prices range from £20-£25

LEGO AT-ST Raider set

We love a bit of LEGO at Dadvengers, so when we heard they were adding another Madalorian set to the collection we were more than happy to add it to the lists. The AT-ST Raider has jointed posable legs, a turning turret that opens up to reveal a detailed interior with space to sit a minifigure, plus 2 firing shooters. The set also includes Star Wars characters The Mandalorian, Cara Dune and 2 Klatooinian Raider minifigures to really get the action going.

Price £49.99

Week 4 – Monday 30th November

Swarovski The Child

Swarovski are well know and have partnered with many brands over the years. This is not the first time they have worked alongsidethe Star Wars Franchise. Faithfully recreated in 251 expertly cut facets of sparkling green and gold tone crystal, The Child is a brilliant addition to your Star Wars collection. This figurine is a must-have for serious collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Price £99

Swarovski - Madalorian The Child
Swarovski – Madalorian The Child

Week 4 – Monday 7th December

The Child Animatronic Edition

Everything you need to know about #MandoMondays wouldn’t be right without featuring this beauty. This one has made many of the Christmas Top Toys list. It’s Hasbro’s – The Child Animatronic Edition with sounds and motorised sequences. It has 25 sound and motion combinations, including happy and excited sounds, giggles, babbles and more, all while the figure’s head moves up and down, ears move back and forth, and eyes open and close.

Price £59.99

Primark Range

Primark are a high street favourite with their abundance of choice and cheap prices. So it was always on the cards for them to have their own Mandalorian merch ready for Christmas 2020. And the do have so cool items. Make sure you look out for the pyjamas, the slippers and the very cute pet outfit that will have many dogs feeling the force.

Prices range from £5-£15

Week 4 – Monday 14th December

Mandalorian Mugs and Accessories

No Franchise is complete without a few mugs to add to he collection. And with a characters as cute an loveable as ‘The Child’ and as cool as ‘The Mandalorian’ there were always gonna be some options. Look out for the heat change mug and the Mandalorian helmet mug. Both will prompt conversation at the coffee table.

Prices ranges from £10-£20

Week 4 – Monday 21st December

Currently being updated. Come back soon to see the new items and find out everything you need to know about #MandoMondays

And don’t forget to check out the rest of the Dadvengers site for great parenting tips and support.

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