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Dad Chats Live – The Best Support and Resources for Dads

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Dad Chats Live – 27 November 2020, the best support and resources for dads.

This week we were joined by the brilliant Kieran Anders from @dadmattersuk. Dad Matters is a brilliant community organisation who aim to help dads have the best relationships possible with their families. They also support dads with anxiety, stress and mental health issues. One thing that Dad Matters is great at, is signposting dads to the right support at the right time. So we were really happy to have Kieran join us and share information about the different resources available for dads.

Next up, we delved into the benefits of good support, for ourselves, and our families. We all know it can be hard asking for support, and when we do and end up somewhere that gives less than desirable help – that can just make things worse. So we wanted to hear about your experiences of getting good support, and what difference that made to you.

Lastly for our lighthearted topic we chatted about he times our kids have surprised and supported us. No matter how big or small, it is always great when our kids let us know they’re on our side. We loved hearing these stories!

1. Support and resources available for dads

2. The benefits of support for dads

3. Light-hearted topic – the times our kids have surprised and supported us.

More On Support for Dads.

Do you know why Nigel started the Dadvengers Initiative? It is all about supporting dads to be the best they can – Nigel wrote a post about it called “The Dadvengers Initiative – Supporting Dads on Their Parenting Journey” which tells you all about it.

Supporting dads is what we are all about! We have a few other posts and Dad Chats on the subject that you might like:

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Did you enjoy this chat? Is there a topic you’d like us to delve into? Get in touch and let us know what you want us to talk about!

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