Dad Chats Live - World Book Day and International Womens Day
Dad Chats Live - World Book Day and International Womens Day
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Dad Chats Live – World Book Day and International Women’s Day

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Dad Chats Live – World Book Day and International Women’s Day.

This week there are not one, but two important international days that we want to talk about. The first is World Book Day. We know how important it is to get our little ones reading early, and helping them to be interested in books. S we talked all about the books our kids love, how we get them reading and what our favourite kids books are. We got a great reading list for our kids from this chat!

Up next, we marked International Women’s Day. Here at Dadvengers we want to raise strong, independent self assured women. And, boys who encourage and empower the women in their lives. So we asked how we are raising our girls to be the fierce young ladies we want them to be, and how we are raising our sons to recognise the importance of strong women in our lives.

Last up for the light hearted topic we asked you to tell us the women you admire, past or present, and the reasons why. Another brilliant Friday night chat!

Topics covered:

1. Thursday (04.03.21) is World Book Day, so let’s talk about kids and reading. Are your children interested in it? How do we encourage more reading? What are your favourite books for kids?

2. Monday (08.03.21) is International Women’s Day, what are we doing to raise strong, independent, self assured women? This is important whether you have boys or girls!

3. Our light-hearted topic this week is Women we admire past or present, and why?

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We have so many great topics that we’ve covered on Dad Chats. Given we are talking about International Women’s Day, a great chat you might be interested in was all about Combating Gender Stereotypes To Ensure A Better Future For Our Children. We delved into the stereotypes our children face everyday, and how to change them!

Part 1 – World Book Day and International Women’s Day

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