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Dadvengers’ Great Day Out At The Christmas BAFTA Party

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When Nigel got asked to host a BAFTA Christmas party this year, he took some of our brilliant Dad Walk Dads to get into the Christmas spirit! It was a great, fun filled day for all the family. Here is what one of our dads had to say about it.

BAFTA Christmas Party Review:

On a cold Saturday morning in December we had the privilege of attending the BAFTA Christmas kids party. As an added bonus it was hosted by Nigel Clarke – who heads up the Arnos Grove Dad Walks. It wasn’t just myself and my family that got to go. A group of families from the Arnos Grove Dadvengers Dad Walks were all there! There were dads that have been going for over a year to some that have recently joined and everyone had brought all the family. It was really great to meet the wives and partners of the dads I’ve been spending my Saturday mornings with!

As soon as we arrived it felt like a money can’t buy experience. We all had our phones out snapping photo after photo! To take the kids down hallways that had been walked through by some of the country’s screen greats was very special. Everyone got inside and out of the cold, wrapped up in festive jumpers and some even sporting very Christmassy headgear and socks!

What Happened At The BAFTA Christmas Party?

We sat in the Princess Ann screening room and the kids were very excited! All that excitement peaked when Nigel took to the stage to introduce the event. The whole event was perfect for the kids and really special! It started with a festive showing of “Hey Duggee”, and then went on to show festive episodes of shows from Peppa Pig to Looney Tunes. It was such a relaxed environment which was great for the kids. Our nine month old daughter crawled up and down the steps! And during one of the programs Cormac, my 4 year old son, wanted to go say hi to Nigel at the front which was cute.

They also took breaks to ask the kids what they love best about Christmas. Aside from the classic “PRESENTS” there was some very adorable answers involving spending time with family. The Arnos Grove Dadvengers dad walk crew were slightly spaced apart in the theatre. That meant our kids were able to go and see their friends in the breaks. The best things about it being a pure kids event is not having to feel bad when yours wants to climb over seats to go sit with other kids! We took a break after a Christmas showing of my sons favourite program Bluey to ask about the kind things we’ve have done this year. Cormac got mixed up and answered “presents” again!

My Favourite Part of the Event

The highlight for me was near the end where everyone got up to sing and dance to Jingle Bells. Everyone was on great form! I loved dancing holding my daughter and seeing Nigel throw some great shapes up on the stage!

The whole morning was very special! We also made the most of being in central London and took a walk on to Leicester square to the Christmas markets. It was really festive and got the whole family ready for the big day coming soon!

Why Dad Walks Are So Great!

I joined the Arnos Grove Dadvengers dad walks last October. I went as I was new to the area and thought it would be a good opportunity to make some new local friends. And to find a support network. I didn’t realise at the time I would still be going over a year later! That network has more than tripled since week one, making some real friends along the way. So when I was lucky enough to be invited to this it was a pleasure to see the rest of the dads there having festive fun!

Thank you to Nigel, and to BAFTA for having us. And thank you and big up the Arnos Grove Dads for the support over the last year and have a Merry Christmas all!  

– Gordy Pope, Dadvengers Dad Walks

Why Did We Take The Dad Walk Dad’s to the BAFTA Party?

It’s quite simple really – we LOVE celebrating hands on dads here at Dadvengers. The dads at our Dad Walks are some of the best hands on parents we know! Some of the dads come to the Arnos Grove Dad Walk every week – and we wanted to give then a treat to remember!

At Dadvengers’ HQ, we’re working on more fun things for our dad walkers in the new year. And you could get involved too! All you have to do is start attending your local Dad Walk. We run one in London and another in Norwich, with more in the planning. Keep an eye on our Dad Group page to see where the next Dadvengers’ Dad Walk might pop up!

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