Combating Gender Stereotypes to ensure a better future for our children
Combating Gender Stereotypes to ensure a better future for our children
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Dad Chats Live – Combating Gender Stereotypes to Ensure a Better Future for Our Children

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Topics covered:

This week we talked about Combating Gender Stereotypes for our kids. We were joined by James Millar (@politicalyeti), author of “Dads Don’t Babysit”.

James talked to us about the importance of tackling gender stereotypes, for us and our children. He talked about the overt, well know stereotypes that we have all seen, and those that run under the radar. He also gave us some great advice on how to make positive changes.

James has also written a great blog post on the subject entitled Combating Gender Stereotypes To Provide A Better World For Our Children. In the post James gives us three steps to make changes:


By being a role model for change. Take more paternity leave, and get involved at home.


About your experience and talk about the benefits at work and with friends.


By using your position as a man to call for change. Whether that be in the workplace or by lobbying politicians for changes in legislation.

After listening to James we went on to discuss if we’ve noticed ourselves unconsciously using gender stereotypes? And what our thoughts on this were. And finally, we spoke about times when we have broken gender stereotypes yourself.

It’s well worth a watch back if you missed it – the chat with James was really excellent!

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