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Dad Chats Live – Open Mic June 2020

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Dad Chats Open Mic – June 2020 Fathers Day Special.

This week it’s fathers day, so as our gift to you – we opened the floor for our second open mic night. Our open mic nights are always great fun. We throw open the floor to you, and talk about whatever has been on your mind.

These chats are always a great night, they bring some hilarious conversations as well as touching on the serious side of things. This week we talked about one child families. The up’s and down’s of having one child can be great fun, but they can also be difficult. We loved chatting about this side of parenting, and hearing the experiences of some of our sole child families.

We also talked about mental health. Something we are always happy to get into. Mental health for parents, particularly dads, is something we believe in opening up the dialogue for. So when our dad’s wanted to talk about mental health, we were happy to get involved. Another unmissable chat!

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Part 2:

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Did you enjoy this chat? We’d love to hear what you thought – get in touch and let us know!

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