Top 5 Reasons Why New Dads Need To Be At The Baby Show
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Top 5 Reasons Why New Dads Need To Be At The Baby Show

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So dads, you’re thinking about going to the baby show and wondering – is it really great for dads…? Maybe you think it is a mum focussed event? Maybe your baby’s mum is suggesting you go but you really don’t think it’s for you? Have you been suggesting your other half goes with a friend instead of you? Let me tell you, as a fellow dad, that is a mistake! The Baby Show is a great place for new or expectant dads. You need to go and I’m here to tell you why…

It Helps You Start Getting Your Head Around Things

There are so many things to think about when you’re becoming a dad. You might feel a bit overwhelmed at first. That is normal for all new parents so don’t worry! But, a great way to start getting your head around things is understanding the options and learning more about how you want to parent.

With all the major baby brands under one roof, and great smaller brands too, The Baby Show is the perfect place to start getting your head around things. From learning about different products and what they’re for, to hearing talks on the main stage packed full of information all new parents need. You’re definitely going to leave the baby show feeling better about the leap into parenthood!

Great Way to Start the Conversation with Your Partner

You’re wandering around the Baby Show seeing all the different options there are in parenting. You’re getting your head around the choices, and now you need to have those conversations with your partner. This could feel a bit nerve-wracking if you’re just sitting at home and need to bring up “bottle vs. breast” or “co-sleeping”… but when you’re at the Baby Show everything is right there in front of you. It gives you prompts to ask your partner “What do you think about this…?” or “How do you feel about…”

Starts the conversation with your partner

Not only does this take the pressure off starting the conversation, it makes it flow easier. How can you not talk about which breast pump she likes the look of – when you’re walking past all the best options for them! But it isn’t just about the products. You can hear great talks at the main stage on lots of aspects of parenting. All of which will open the door to more conversations with your partner.

It’s a Great Place to Try New Things and See Products First Hand

Talking of the products there… One of the best things about The Baby Show is the opportunity to get hands on with all the new baby gear you’re going to need. You can get all of the things you need for your baby under one roof – believe me… I did it back in October! You can test out buggy’s on the buggy track, get a feel for the baby carriers, try out the maternity chairs, see exactly how many pockets that nappy changing bag you’re eyeing up has.

It takes the stress out of baby shopping, and the endless rounds of ordering things online just to send them back when you realise they’re not what you want! It is a one stop shop for all the baby essentials!

Great place to try new things

Great Deals on New Parent Essentials

So now you’ve got the list of things you need – you’re going to want to get them all at the best price right?

All the big brands offer exclusive discounts on their products at The Baby Show. Or they might have special bundles you won’t get anywhere else. With discounts on everything from bottles and clothes, to cribs and parent courses – you’re definitely going to find a great price you love! Plus, you can pop out to your car and drop them off so you don’t have to carry them around all day, or you can order bigger items to be delivered to your home on a date that suits you – without the risk of not liking it when it arrives!

Dadvengers Will Be There to See Dads at The Baby Show

Now if all of those reasons haven’t got you excited to go… Dadvengers will be there! We’re coming to meet all you great dads to be, and help you find support on this new journey. We’ll be offering an exclusive Baby Show price on our brilliant New Dads Course – the perfect course to get you into shape to be the great dad we know you can be.

Plus, I’ll be on the main stage on Saturday with great guests talking about Preparing for Fatherhood. We had a great chat on this topic in London and Manchester, and I know the Birmingham parents are going to love it too! Come down to see us and join the parenting community making a difference to dads everywhere.

Head to The Baby Show With Special Discounted Tickets

Plus we have a super special price on tickets for our Dadvengers community for The Baby Show at the NEC, Birmingham! 😜
Use the link below to get tickets for just £16! Tickets are usually £24 on the door – so you’re getting a great saving!
Come along, meet the team and get special discounts on merch and an exclusive Baby Show price on our Dad Course if you sign up there!!

Grab your tickets now, and we will see you soon!

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