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Why go to Baby Groups?

In this post I would like to address the question ‘Why go to baby groups?’. It’s already something that parents ask whether they are male or female, and whether they attend groups or not. Each demographic has their reasons for not wanting to go and I have written a post that tackles the reasons men give for not going to baby groups. If however you don’t need convincing and are looking for a Dad and Baby/toddler group in your area. Check out our definitive list of the best Dad and Baby groups in the UK.

I didn’t go to baby groups when my 2 were that age, but looking back and now leading a baby group on the television, I can definitely see how it would have benefitted them, me and other dads. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s a 100% must to attend a baby group, but there are benefits in going. None of them solely restricted to clubs and groups, just sometimes facilitated more easily in this situation.

Benefits of going

As many of you with young babies know, going to a group for the first time is not easy. It’s almost like your first day at school. So many questions run through your mind beforehand. What will I do there? Will my baby enjoy it? How many people will be there? Do dads go to this group? Will my baby cry the whole time? Who benefits from this? Will people judge me? The list goes on and on.
However, there is an equally long list of the benefits that you and your baby may gain from going and below are just a few of these. For each benefit I have added a link to one of my Baby Club Diaries. This will show how activities we do at baby groups are benefiting you and your baby

Social Development

  • One thing that’s for sure at a baby group is that there will be other babies and parents there. This is a huge opportunity for social development. When interacting at a group, emphasis is often placed on hellos, goodbyes, names, taking turns and more. These are all keys skills that are part of social development. The more your baby is exposed to people and these situations, the more they understand and mimic social practises.
  • Baby groups are good for developing routines. Routines can help in all areas of a baby’s development from sleeping and feeding through to behaviour. Many people find the routine of going to groups helps with other daily routines.
  • At a baby group your child will interact and form relationships with other babies. These are important for social development. If a baby doesn’t have a brother or sister of a similar age a baby club can be a perfect way to introduce them to other kids their age. This can give them a head start for introduction to nursery or pre-school later on.

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Language and Numeracy

Language and numeracy are being introduced to babies all the time. Often you won’t even realise you are doing it. What’s nice about taking part in activities at a baby club is that they often highlight the words, numbers, actions, colours, objects very specifically. Making you think about what the focus of the activity is. Once you start applying the way you think at a baby group to everyday interactions suddenly everything is an opportunity to learn or reinforce words and numbers.

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Physical Development

At a baby group your child will be introduced to a host of activities, toys, and landscapes that they will have to interact with. This will mean they have to move and react to their surroundings which will in turn aid physical development. Your baby may see another baby walking and be inspired to try. Your baby may get very vocal at a baby group, therefore developing muscles in the face and mouth which are eventually used for speech. This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many things happening at a baby club that will help in this respect.

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As a dad, it can sometimes take a little longer to form a strong bond with your baby. This is normal and no dads should feel strange if they are experiencing this. For that reason, a dad spending time with his baby in a setting without his partner can help that bond form. Baby groups are perfect for this and though it may be a struggle at first, the bond formed by persevering is more than worth it. Also more dads need to be hands on from the start as it makes a huge difference to the family dynamic. One that everyone will benefit from.

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Rhythm and Coordination

Singing songs is one of the best ways for your child to learn something at an early age. That’s why singing is often done at baby groups. But what makes singing extra special is that it’s not only rhythm and coordination that benefit. It can also help with all of the benefits mentioned above. 

Check out any of my Baby Club Diaries and you’ll see how singing can help.

Do you go to baby groups? Write your thoughts, experiences, and questions.

It’s important that we hear from those of you out there living it. Are you a dad that attends a baby group? Do you avoid baby groups because you’re a dad? Would a baby club help you? Can you recommend a good baby group for dads in the UK?

Please leave your comments in the section below and share this post with other parents, the more the merrier. And remember, mums you are an integral part of this. We can’t improve things for dads and help make changes without you. So please, please, help even if it’s just sharing a post or making a suggestion.

Look forward to hearing from you


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