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Dadvengers’ Family Rave with the Big Fish Little Fish

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Yesterday a group of the Dadvengers dads and their families got their glow sticks together and headed to Camden for the Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave. The kids were excited, the parents even more so. I mean most of us can hardly remember what it felt like to go out for a drink, let alone raving in the club.

Who are Big Fish Little Fish?

Set up in 2013 Big Fish Little Fish have brought raving to the family massive for the last 11 years. Since then the independent, grassroots music and events crew have put on family raves with all the freedom and excitement of a mini-festival, right in the heart of cities and towns across the UK. From a Camp Bestival Superhero Family Rave to an Neon Mayhem one, there are dates throughout the year and there is bound to be one close to you soon.

BFLF founder Hannah says ‘Raving always came from the heart, a way to express a love of music and dancing with your friends. BFLF extends that across the generations so you can rave with your family too. It’s a celebration of life, love, unity and music. Together on the dance floor. ‘

Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave Review:

Our session was held at Club Stable on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the the heart of Camden. Literally an old converted horse stables, the venue had about 4 different areas to hang out and a couple of buggy parks (essential when raving with 2 year olds). There was:

The Main Dance Floor – Where all the hardcore raving went on. There was a mirror ball, balloons were giving out, there was a bubble machine. However, the crowd favourite was the foam machine. When fired up it was like something out of an 18-30’s holiday in Tenerife.

The Crafting Area – Here there were 2 big tables and a drawing wall for kids to get away from the full volume of the event and get creative. Stocked up with crayons, felt tips, stickers, sparkles, pipe cleaners and more there was some great work being done.

The Soft Play Area – Another area for kids who were a little overwhelmed by the noise and lights was the soft play area. Don’t be expecting a huge area with all the things you’d usually find. This is very much a place for a few kids to chill and be distracted.

The Breakout Area – Finally there was the breakout area for those kids and adults who needed a little break from the fun!

It wasn’t just myself and my family that got to go. A group of families from the Arnos Grove Dadvengers Dad Walks and the Haringey Dad Walks were there too.

Here’s what they had to say about the brilliant Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave:

We had a Phenomenal Time!

“I was worried being by myself with the kids that it might be too busy, but it was very well spread out. There was a quiet part for activities and play, and the music was great for all ages. The DJ didn’t hold back on simply playing for the kids and we were all up and dancing!”
– Gordy

Amazing Music!

“Terry Francis spun classic rave tunes that had everyone dancing together. Allowing us to enjoy a bit of old school rave culture with our kids.
Given our great experience, we can’t wait to attend another Big Fish Little Fish rave soon!”
– Jon

I would definitely recommend it to people with young children!

“Our 2 and 4 year old enjoyed the activities around the main dance floor, crafting and playing in the tents and tunnels. The dance floor and music kept them engaged and dancing along, spurred on at times by bubbles, foam and balloons to play with. After 2 hours I was exhausted and the kids were on a real high!”
– Alex

Why Did We Take The Dad Walk Dad’s to the Family Rave?

We LOVE celebrating hands on dads here at Dadvengers. The dads at our Dad Walks are some of the best hands on parents we know! Some of them come to the Arnos Grove Dad Walk and Haringey Dad Walks every week. So we wanted to celebrate their great parenting and being part of our community,

We love planning these events for our dad walkers, and at Dadvengers HQ we’re already working on more! If you want to get involved with our walks and get invited to these great events, all you have to do is start attending your local dad walk.

We run two in London and another in Norwich, and we’re planning more across the country! Keep an eye on our Dad Group page to see where the next Dadvengers’ Dad Walk might pop up!

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