The best part of the course was actually meeting other dads!

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The best part of the course was actually meeting other dads and getting a WhatsApp group set up. That’s come in really handy and I’m gonna be using it quite a lot when the baby does arrive. Knowing that I’m not alone in my my worries, and  having the other guys on there with me to sort of alleviate those…

I feel ready, which is scary to say really.

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After doing the course for new dads, I definitely feel confident now. I actually feel ready, which is a bit scary to say really, I’m sure I’m not ready, but I feel ready. I feel excited actually. I feel confident and happy and I feel like also a good thing is I have a support network of people that I…
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Brand New Dadvengers Merchandise

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It’s finally happened! After 2 years, 30 Podcast episodes, over 150 blog posts, over 100 Dad Chats, numerous dad walks and meet ups, we finally have Dadvengers merchandise. You may have seen Nigel sporting one of the new hoodies on Dad Chats recently. Well now you can have your own, or get one as a present for someone else. First…
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How To Be A Great Co-parent When You Don't Get On With Your Ex

8 Mins read
I have two beautiful daughters, Maisie aged 11 and Isla aged 10, and I co-parent them with their mum. Co-parenting isn’t always easy. There are heartaches and frustrations, but there are also happy times and successes. Whether you’re new to the co-parenting world, or you’ve been doing it a while and things are tricky – Here is some advice and…
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Dadvengers Shop Terms and Conditions, Shipping and Returns

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Please read these Dadvengers Shop terms and conditions carefully prior to purchasing, once you have made a purchase through the Dadvengers Shop you are bound by these terms and conditions. All items available for purchase are covered by these Terms and Conditions. Summary of Terms: The term “Dadvengers Shop”, shall relate to the Dadvengers online store. The terms “merchandise”, “products”…