Dad Chats - Autism Acceptance
Dad Chats - Autism Acceptance
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Dad Chats Live – Why Autism Acceptance Is So Important

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Last nights Dad Chats was focused all around Autism Acceptance. It was a brilliant, and very informative chat.

It is autism acceptance month, and that’s something we want to show our support for! So in this chat we delved into this topic with some of our fantastic community. From talking about parenting an autistic child, to being a barber for autistic kids and adults – our community delved in and made this another brilliant chat. We chatted about the stereotypes and unhelpful assumptions people make. The fears and the joys when parenting an autistic child – this really is an unmissable chat!

Huge thanks to @dadsadvocates , @istunners , @rosie_marie_ernest and @ghbarbering for coming up to join the live and thanks to all of you that joined in the comments! 🙌🏼

A Blog On The Subject

Our brilliant community member Daniel has written a great blog all about parenting his autistic child. The blog is a beautiful piece that really demonstrates the need for autism acceptance. Click on the link below to read the piece. While you’re there, why not leave a comment to let us know what you think?

You need to completely accept your child for who they are and learn to understand them, tell them they are autistic, it is a different neurotype and nothing to be ashamed of… Be an advocate for your child, don’t let other people’s opinions effect you, be prepared to stand up for your child’s needs.

The Truth About Parenting My Autistic Child – Daniel Ernest

Dad Chat’s Live – Autism Acceptance

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