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Dad Chats Live - Why It's Important to Play With Your Kids

1 Mins read

Subjects: This week were joined by special guest Susie Robbins who is a play advocate from @resolvetoplay. She talked about why it’s important to play with your kids from a young age. We know that in previous generations men stereotypically were not as involved in the early years experiences including play. However we now know that it enhances a child’s development…

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Dad Chats Live - The Best Support and Resources for Dads

1 Mins read
Dad Chats Live – 27 November 2020, the best support and resources for dads. This week we were joined by the brilliant Kieran Anders from @dadmattersuk. Dad Matters is a brilliant community organisation who aim to help dads have the best relationships possible with their families. They also support dads with anxiety, stress and mental health issues. One thing that…
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Positive Support for Dads - The Secrets you Didn't Know

5 Mins read
Until more recent years positive support for dads was a little bit of a taboo. Dads were less comfortable talking about needing or seeking help. Having worked as operations manager for Dad Matters a perinatal and parent/infant Mental Health project, I have experienced this first-hand. But things are changing. As part of our service, we aim to support dads to…

Is there a secret to Dads and the Work-Life Balance

5 Mins read
Before Coronavirus Pandemic At the start of the year I wasn’t worried about Dads and the Work-Life Balance. It was all hustle, work hard and always be on the grind. That’s the mentality I started out with stepping into the professional world of work. Becoming a stepdad certainly refuelled “the success at all costs” mindset as I was navigating the…