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Dad Chats - Consent
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Dad Chats Live – Consent and Children – How to Approach the Topic

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Dad Chats Live – Talking about consent and children,

This week we jumped into the topic of consent. This is something that we believe every parent should be talking to their children about. We know that some parents don’t find this topic easy to discuss, and we wanted to break through the discomfort and give some great advice on how we approach it.

Whether you have direct conversations about this subject, or you are modelling consent in how you talk to and treat your child, we wanted to hear all about it. It was great to hear from a mix of new and old Dadvengers about their ways of discussing this topic with their kids. Even delving into the extremes some parents go to when it comes to consent… should we really ask our babies of they want their nappy changed!?
We also asked what materials you use that teach children about consent, and we got some really brilliant recommendations. There are some amazing books for younger children, and for the older ones we had a great cartoon video recommendation that makes consent easy to understand, and sticks in their brains.

Another week with fantastic topics – thanks for joining us!

Topics we covered:

1. How do we talk to and teach our children about consent?

2. Do you think that talking about consent should start at a certain age? Or should we adapt information to be age appropriate?

3. What are your favourite materials that teach children about consent?

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Did you enjoy this chat? Got a topic you’d like us to cover? Get in touch and let us know!

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