Dad Chats Live - What aspirations do we have for our children?
Dad Chats Live - What aspirations do we have for our children?
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Dad Chats Live – What Aspirations Do We Have For Our Children?

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This week we talk all about the aspirations we have for our kids. Other than wanting our children to be happy and healthy, what do we want for them? Do we want them to be a star athlete? A world renowned doctor? An artist? Musician? We all have hopes and dreams for our children – we want to know what they are.

We also talk about what healthy aspirations are for our children – with reality TV and social media influencers being such hot topics at the moment- is that what our children want to do? Would we support them if they wanted to go down that route? Do we want to encourage them into more traditional careers?

Lastly, we talk about your chosen career path. Is it what you wanted it to be? What did you dream of being when you grew up – did you get there? We want to hear it all!

Subjects: 1. What aspirations do we have for our children? We all want our kids to be happy and healthy, but it’s also natural to want more for them too. What dreams do you have for yours?

2. What do the youth of today aspire to be, and is it healthy? With the rise of the reality tv star and the social media influencer so many of the younger generation want to go down the same path. They see it as an easy route or a short cut to success. Are the next generation losing sight of the more traditional career paths.

3. If you could have gone down a different career path, what would it have been? Have you had a sliding door moment that changed your whole career path?

Part 1 – What aspirations do we have for our children?

Part 2 – What aspirations do we have for our children?

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