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Becoming a dad can be quite isolating for some men – including myself –  and the thought of reaching out for support and help is not always a comfortable feeling. This is where Dadvengers has helped to bridge a gap.

‘Dad Chats Live’ on a Friday night has provided us dads with a platform to talk openly and candidly about our fatherhood experiences, which is always guided and hosted with care by Nigel Clarke (possibly the Nick Fury of the Dadvengers?!).

Personally, I have been a part of the Dadvengers community from its first ‘Live’ outing on Instagram and I have had nothing but support, friendship and friendly banter from all the great people who take part. I have given support and have received it…even if it’s just a quick message to check in.

I have found the conversations enlightening and educational, but overall there is a sense of family within the community. It’s a place where you are not judged or ridiculed for sharing your emotions or feelings, but accepted as you are and given a voice to share your experiences…which is often going on in someone else’s parenting life as well.

What I love about Dadvengers is that it’s made up of parents from a variety of backgrounds, heritage, location and family set-up. This diversity makes us a solid community that can share our stories without judgement. Having such a variety of parents involved really does bring us all greater learning, greater understanding and helps us all become greater parents…even if it’s in the smallest of ways.
If you are a dad, mum, carer, adoptive parent or anything in between…Dadvengers is a place for you.

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