Dad Chats Live - Are We Being Proactive With Our Health?
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Dad Chats Live – Are We Being Proactive With Our Health?

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Dad Chats Live – This week we talked about whether as parents we are proactive enough about our health. With World health day approaching we want to know if there is more we can do to live healthily.

With Easter this weekend it seemed like a good time to talk about being proactive with our health – all that chocolate is so very tempting! So we talked about healthy eating, exercise, and of course – health isn’t just physical. We also touched on looking after our mental health and how we can be proactive with that.

Next up – we wanted to hear about your Easter traditions. Are our community easter egg hunters? Do they have a big family day – or do they nip out the day after to buy Easter eggs at a reduced price…?! To find out which of our brilliant Dadvengers does just that – click the links below and watch on!

Lastly for a light-hearted topic we talked about the songs that raise our moods, even when we are down. The songs you can’t help but have a little boogie along to – no matter your mood. There are some great tracks suggested… and it might have given us an idea for something else we here at HQ might want to launch… watch this space for something new!!

The topics we talked about are:

1. Do you feel as parents we are proactive enough about our health? Or do we just talk the talk?

2. Easter Traditions. What do you and yours normally get up to on Easter Bank Holiday Weekend?

3. Our light hearted topic is rolled over from last week as we didn’t cover it! Songs that raise our moods and make us feel happy even when we are down.

More On The Subject:

Health and Wellbeing are such important topics – and there is so much to cover on it! For more great resources around our health, check out the links below:

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