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Dad Chats Live – The Importance of Encouraging Healthy Eating

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We can all struggle encouraging healthy eating in our little ones. Some more than others! So we delved into healthy eating in this brilliant Friday night Dad Chats.

Whether your kids are great eaters or not, this is a brilliant chat to learn more about the ways we all encourage our kids to eat healthily. Whether its hiding veg in dishes, or good old fashioned perseverance – it was great to get some new hints and tips for encouraging healthy eating in our kids.

We also talked about our own eating habits – do fussy parents make for fussy children?

Lastly, dinner disasters! We’ve all had them. A dish gone wrong, or an utter dinner time meltdown by our beloved little darlings – we wanted to hear the funniest stories you had to offer. And yet again – our crew came through and shared some hilarious tales of dinner time gone wrong!

Have you got any hints or tips for healthy eating…? Get in touch – we’d love to hear them!


1. How do we encourage our kids to eat healthily? Have you got any tips or tricks for our Dadvengers? Or are you struggling with knowing what’s healthy and what’s not?

2. Do we eat healthily as parents? And how much does this play a part in what our kids eventually become comfortable eating?

3. Our light-hearted topic this week is… Dinner disasters. We’ve all had those kids meal times that should have gone one way but ended up in some whole other thing!

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We revisited this topic again because it can be a never ending battle in some households! Check out this discussion on why Food and Nutrition is So Important, and hopefully you’ll get some more great advice!

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