Dad Chats - Tantrums
Dad Chats - Tantrums
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Dad Chats Live – Talking about tantrums and how to deal with them

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Dad chats live: This week we are talking about tantrums! All our kids have them at some point – and they can be really tricky to deal with. So we delved into the topic and got some brilliant advice from our community!

Hearing how different people manage tantrums was really helpful – and knowing we aren’t alone in dealing with them is helpful too! One theme that came up a few time was communication – we have covered the importance of communicating with children. Most tantrums come from our kids feeling frustrated, so talking about their thoughts and feelings is bound to help diffuse these situations. We have a great blog on the subject of talking to our kids about feelings called Helpful Advice On Communicating With Children About Their Feelings that might help!

We also delved into the funniest reasons our kids have had tantrums, the stories we heard made us laugh until our sides hurt!

This was another brilliant Dads Chat live – talking about tantrums. Watch it back now via the links below!

Here are the topics we covered:

1. How do we handle our children’s tantrums? Do we use time outs, talking at their level or some other combination? There’s no right or wrong answer!

2. Do you handle tantrums the same when you’re out in public, or do you have a different approach?

3. What’s the funniest reason your kids have ever had a tantrum?

Part 1 Dad Chats Live

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