Dad Chats Live - World Mental Health Day
Dad Chats Live - World Mental Health Day
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Dad Chats Live – Open Mic, World Mental Health Day 2021

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This week, in honour of World Mental Health Day 2021, we threw open the chat to our community. This was an open mic night based around mental health. We chatted about the importance of talking about it and getting support when we need it.

Some of our great community joined us and opened up about their own journey with mental health. It was great to hear them tell us about their experiences and ways of coping. We are so thankful to them for showing such courage in opening up – we know it isn’t always easy! We loved this chat – and we had a mini clubhouse reunion live on Instagram! If you don’t know, we run Parents In Da club over on Clubhouse. If you don’t have it, Clubhouse is an audio based app where we have more great parenting chats. And some of our brilliant regulars popped up on Instagram! If you’re interested in more great parenting chats, download Clubhouse and join Parents In Da Club!

More On The Subject

Mental Health is something we talk a lot about here at Dadvengers, and we want all of our community to know they can reach out anytime, and where they can get help. Another one of our fabulous community has written a blog called “World Mental Health Day 2021 – My Journey With Mental Health and Why It’s So Important To Talk“. Ashleigh tells us about her history with mental health and how she manages it on a daily basis, as an individual and a parent.

If you need some help with your own mental well-being, there is so much great support available to you. To find support in your local area visit Hub of Hope, and just enter your postcode. Or you can contact the Samaritans anytime for mental health support.

Or you can visit Mental Health Foundation – the creators of World Mental Health Day for more great resources.

Part 1 Dad Chats Live – World Mental Health Day 2021

Part 2 Dad Chats Live – World Mental Health Day 2021

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