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Dad Chats Live – Caring for Children with Special Needs

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This week on Dad Chats Live we delve into the important topic of caring for children with special needs. We asked you to help us understand what it is like parent non neuro-typical children and learning from our community on this subject was amazing. Whether you;re a parent of a child with special needs, working with families in this situation, or you just want to educate yourself – this is a chat you shouldn’t miss.

Big thanks to @istunners and @rosie_marie_ernest for sharing their story which you can continue to follow at @ernests_our_autism_journey_ Also, huge thanks to Aaron (@Aj21.93) father of @princessaariah for sharing his emotional story with us! An eye opening and sobering listen.

Have you got a story to share with us about caring for children with special needs? We’d love to hear from you – click here to get in touch.


1. Caring for children with speical needs or medical conditions. The difficulties of being a parent can be compounded by this. How do you cope? How does your child cope?

2. Teamwork when raising kids. Raising kids is always easier when you work as a team. Do you manage to do this? Or it is a bit of a struggle with differences in parenting styles?

3. Our lighthearted topic this week is… strangest things you’ve pulled out of your child’s orifices! We’ve all had those “why was that in there” moments. Let’s hear them!

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Use the player above to listen to Dadvengers Podcast Episode 5

Part 1 – Caring Children with Special Needs

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