Dad Chats Live - Discipline
Dad Chats Live - Discipline
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Dad Chats Live – All About Disciplining Our Children

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Last night we had a discussion surrounding disciplining our children… and what a great chat it was!

Let’s face it, disciplining our children is a topic that can split parents completely and could lead to heated debates! But this chat was full of support and sharing of tips and information. No matter how old our children are, there are times when we need to guide them with a little discipline. But sometimes as parents it can feel like we aren’t sure of the right way to go about it. As with so many aspects of parenting discipline in something that is a really personal choice and is tailored to your own child’s needs, Our community know this and delved into this topic with support and kindness. As a result this live was brilliant for getting some useful tips for all parents – it really is a must watch!

Thanks to everyone who joined this live chat 🙏🏼

Dad Chat’s Live – Disciplining Our Children

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