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Why it's important for dads to play with their kids more

5 Mins read

Why should dad’s play more? Put simply, play is great for us all! Playing with your child is connecting with your child, and is one of Dadvengers 10 tips on being a good dad. Making a connection builds a sense of belonging, of feeling loved, being safe and understood. It’s important for dads to play more than older generations, and…

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Positive Support for Dads - The Secrets you Didn't Know

5 Mins read
Until more recent years positive support for dads was a little bit of a taboo. Dads were less comfortable talking about needing or seeking help. Having worked as operations manager for Dad Matters a perinatal and parent/infant Mental Health project, I have experienced this first-hand. But things are changing. As part of our service, we aim to support dads to…
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Dad Chats Live - The Importance Of A Good Parenting Network

2 Mins read
Dad Chats Live – 30 October 2020, Parenting Network. This week we are coming to you live from @mamashelterlondon. Mama Shelter is a brilliant, family friendly hotel, who kindly let us host Dad Chats from their space! This week, we delve into parenting network. We know that having a parenting network for support is incredibly important – that’s why we are…
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Dad Chats Live - Discussing Men's Mental Health

2 Mins read
Dad Chats Live – 4th September 2020, discussing men’s mental health. This week we talked about a topic that is really important to us. A big part of what we want to do here at Dadvengers is to improve the conversation and support around men’s mental health. So we asked our community what their experiences with mental health have been….