Dad Chats - Sleep regression
Dad Chats - Sleep regression
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Dad Chats Live – All About Our Kid’s Sleep Patterns

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This week we talk all about sleep patterns, sleep regressions and the impact it has on parents and babies.

In the first hour we were joined by Chris aka the Daddy Sleep Consultant. He talked to us about the difficult sleep regression phases all babies go through. We talked about how to manage these difficult sleep patterns, helping the baby through it, and managing it for yourselves too!

Chris has also written a great blog post on the subject called “Sleep Regression: The Good, The Bad and The Tired!”. In the post Chris delves into the three main ages this can impact babies, and gives some tips on how to deal with them, and what may be the cause. some reasons behind the sleep regression stages are:

  • Growth spurts – these cause baby to be hungrier than usual
  • Learning and practicing new skills
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Being Overtired
Sleep Regression: The Good, The Bad and The Tired!

To learn more about sleep regression stages and get some hints on how to deal with them, click on the picture above!

After speaking to Chris, Nigel handed over the reins to Mark and Ashleigh who hosted our second hour! We talked to some of our great community about how much sleep they get with their children. How they cope with the sleep… or the lack of it! This was another great chat with some brilliant advice – you don’t want to miss it!

The Questions We Asked!

1. We’ve got a guest joining us this Friday! Chris from @thedaddysleepconsultant will be joining us to talk about sleep regression, and his tips on how to handle sleep issues.

2. Have you ever experienced any sleep related issues with your children? And how did you deal with them?

3. For our light hearted topic we want to know what’s your opinion: Co-sleep or sleep in their own bed? (No right or wrong answers here 🙌🏼)

Dad Chats Live – Sleep Patterns – Part 1

Dad Chats Live – Part 2

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