Dad Chats Live - Adoption
Dad Chats Live - Adoption
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Dad Chats Live – All About Adoption Week 2021

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It is National Adoption Week so we delved into this important topic on Friday night. Nigel was joined by some regular faces, and a new member of our community to talk about adoption and fostering.

National Adoption Week is a great opportunity to raise awareness of how important this topic is. There are currently almost 3000 children in the UK in need of families, and yet the adoptive figures are falling. So we discussed how important it is, with some community members who have been through it. We welcomed a new member of the community who has a young adopted daughter – she told us about the process, and her husband popped in to say hi too! It was great to see two new faces on the chat, hopefully we see them again!

We also chatted fostering with one of our regulars! He and his wife are currently going through the fostering process, so he was able to share all about it! He told us about the ups and downs, the training, and the reasons they want to get involved. It was great to hear from someone going through it and to learn about the approval process! We are keeping our fingers crossed that the rest of their approval goes well and they can welcome foster children into their home soon!

Thanks to everyone for joining in this important chat! To find more information about adoption you can visit You Can Adopt, or talk to your Local Council who can give you all the information you’ll need.

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Dad Chats Live – Adoption Week 2021

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