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Dad Chats Live – Bonding With Your Children

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Dad Chats Live: This week we’re talking about bonding with your children, What we’ve learnt during lockdown, and things our kids will only do for daddy.

Firstly we covered all things bonding – from those early days, to now. How did you bond with your children? Do you create special dad bonding time? Did you find it difficult to bond with your child in the early days? We wanted to hear it all and our community didn’t let us down. It was great hearing your stories on this one.

Then we talked about lockdown. The lockdown has been an education for us all, from home school, to not seeing our family and friends – it has been tough at times. But, it hasn’t all been negative! What have the changes in family dynamics enabled you to learn from, or about your kids?

Lastly we delve into the things your kids will only do for daddy! Is it something funny or serious, good or bad…? We wanted to hear them all, and once again you delivered. This topic had us laughing – click the links below to catch up!

1. Bonding with your children.

2. What have you learnt in lockdown?

3. Things the kids will only do for daddy!

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Looking For More?

Did you know that play is a fantastic way to bond with your children? We had the brilliant Susie Robbins write a blog on the subject called “Why It’s Important for Dads to Play With Their Kids More”

In the post Susie tells us the top 5 advantages of play with your kids:

  • Playing gives us a hit of feel-good hormones
  • Play can improve your bond with your child
  • It empowers your child
  • Children learn so much from you when you play together
  • You become part of a team

Susie also came along to Dad Chats Live to talk more about the topic – click on the picture here to see more!

Why it’s important to play with your kids - Dad Chats Live – with Susie Robbins
Why it’s important to play with your kids – Dad Chats Live – with Susie Robbins

Part 1: Bonding With Your Children

Part 2:

Part 3:

Did you enjoy this dad chats? Do you have a topic you’d like us to cover? Click here to get in touch and let us know!

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