Dad Chats Live - The Pandemic 2 years on
Dad Chats Live - The Pandemic 2 years on
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Dad Chat’s Live – The Pandemic 2 Years On

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It is time for us to revisit the Pandemic 2 years on!

Can you believe it has been two years since the pandemic started? It seems like the two years have flown by in some respects, and in others… it has been so very long! This week we’re chatting all about Coronavirus pandemic. How has affected us, our families and our children. And how are you all coping with the relaxed rules? It can be so confusing for the kids – and we wanted to hear all about it.

Lastly, we jumped into the positives that have come out of the pandemic too! Have you learnt a new skill – picked up a new hobby? Or maybe you got back into something you haven’t done for a long time? Maybe it was the time with your family that made being locked in at home worth while – we wanted to hear it all!

The Questions We Asked:

1. We’ve been living with the affects of Covid for just over 2 years now, how do you feel it’s effected you and your families lives?

2. The pandemic has been particularly tough for children, so how you do think your kids are now handling it all now that the rules are more relaxed?

3. To end on a high, we want to know if there’s one thing you’re thankful for that has come from the pandemic (more time with your immediate family, seeing your children grow up or maybe picking up a new skill/hobby? – nothing is too small or insignificant here!)

Dad Chats Live – The Pandemic 2 years on – Part 1

Dad Chats Live – The Pandemic 2 years on – Part 2

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