Dad Chats Live - Positive ways to look at National Lockdown
Dad Chats Live - Positive ways to look at National Lockdown
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Dad Chats Live – Positive Ways to Look At National Lockdown

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Subjects: Happy New Year 🎊🥂 It’s the first Dad Chat of 2021 and we are in the midst of another Lockdown. The thing is there are positive ways to look at National Lockdown. As we do with all our dad chats we broke the topic into 3 questions which we posed to the live audience.

  1. The 2021 National Lockdown. We really couldn’t avoid this one with such a big announcement this week. But how are we feeling this time around?
  2. What goals have you set for 2021? Most of us achieve more if we set ourselves targets. What have you added to your list for 2021?
  3. we all know we got some things wrong in the first lockdown. What will we not be repeating this time around – Yep let’s hear those lockdown fails!

Home-Schooling during Lockdown

Even though being lockdown is still fairly new, we all have a little bit of experience from last year. We need to focus on what we learnt and expand on that this time round. Home-Schooling was a big learning curve during the first lockdown and that is knowledge we can definitely use now. There are some key points we touched upon in a post last year to make Home-Schooling a more pleasurable experience.

  • Use the resources around you
  • Enjoy the opportunities that come from family time
  • Use the internet
  • Don’t stress if they don’t understand, or if you can’t either
  • Teach them what you love

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Part 1 – Positive ways to look at National Lockdown

Part 2 – Positive ways to look at National Lockdown

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