Dad Chats Live - Postpartum Psychosis
Dad Chats Live - Postpartum Psychosis
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Dad Chats Live – Postpartum Psychosis from a Dads Perspective

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Dad Chats Live – Postpartum Psychosis. This week we talked about Postpartum Psychosis with Simon O’Mara from @actiononpp. And what a fantastic an insightful session it was. Make sure you check out the videos below.

Firstly we learnt that the condition is often misunderstood and many people have heard nothing about. It is also not to be confused with postnatal depression or baby blues, Postpartum Psychosis is a medical emergency that needs swift professional treatment. Listening to Simon tell the story of his wife’s case and how it affected him is eye opening and resonated with other sufferers too. Thank you to Simon for sharing your own personal experiences, we’re sure they will help others in the future. We were also joined by Ruth and Lacey in the second hour who shared their experience with us – so a huge thank you to them for speaking so openly too.

A blog post on the subject

Simon has written a wonderful blog post to accompany this chat called Everything You Need To Know About Postpartum Psychosis As a Father and it covers the following;-

  • How he teach others everything they need to know about postpartum psychosis as a father.
  • What is Postpartum Psychosis?
  • What you may encounter
  • Where you can turn for help
  • Recovery

Not only that, it also touches upon a few of the symptoms to look out for such as:-

  • Confusion or racing thoughts
  • Feeling unusually high or elated
  • Being unable to or not needing to sleep
  • Beliefs that are unusual or concerning to others
  • Seeing, hearing or sensing things that others can’t
  • Anxiety

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Part 1 Dad Chats Live – Simon O’Mara’s experience of Postpartum Psychosis

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