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Dad Chats Live – Talking to our children about feelings.

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We’re back 🥳 and we’re talking about feelings!

Dad Chats took a break over the summer but now we’re back and ready to get straight back into the important topics. This week we’re delving back into an old topic that we know is really important. Talking to our children about feelings can be tough. There is no right or wrong way of doing it, but we know that this is something some parents really struggle with – and we’re here to help!

Our community were shy this week, but there were some brilliant and helpful comments that we wanted to make sure you had access to! You can watch the episode back now:

More On Talking About Feelings.

We have a previous Dad Chat with the amazing Leslie-Ann on this topic. She shared some brilliant advice and also wrote a blog post entitled “Helpful Advice On Communicating With Children About Their Feelings“. We highly recommend checking them both out!

Don’t forget Dad Chats are held live on Instagram and you can watch and join in there. The schedule is on our Dad Chats page so head over there and find out what we have coming up!

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