Dad Chats - The easing of Lockdown
Dad Chats - The easing of Lockdown
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Dad Chats Live – The Easing of Lockdown

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Dad Chats Live – 26 February 2021 the easing of lockdown.

Well folks, here we go again! Boris made an announcement this week about the easing of lockdown, he laid out the roadmap to release us from the latest enforced stay at home situation! So, we thought we should delve into how we are all feeling. Is it a good thing? Are you excited, scared, optimistic? Here at HQ we have our concerns, but we are also excited to get back to some sort of normality. We threw it open to our community and asked for their thoughts on the topic.

Next up we talked about what we are most looking forward to once we are out of lockdown. And what things have we learnt in lockdown that we want to keep doing? From working from home, spending time with family and friends, or maybe you want to keep parts of the solitude?

Lastly for our light-hearted topic we asked for your funniest moments from lockdown. Things have been tough, for sure, but there must have been some times that made us laugh… right? Click on the links below and listen in to find out what our community had to say.

Topics covered:

1. What are your thoughts after Boris Johnsons Announcement on Monday? It looks as though we are slowly on the way back to some kind of normal. But are we happy, anxious, scared, excited, optimistic? Let’s find out.

2. What are we looking forward to most once out of Lockdown, and what things have we learnt that we want to keep? As with any situation we must learn from it, but what have we learnt?

3. What has been your funniest moment in Lockdown? It’s been a rollercoaster and we’re not out yet, but there have been some great moments too. We know because we’ve seen some of you laughing during Dad Chats!

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Remember when we came out of lockdown for the first time!? We had a great chat around Post Lockdown Anxieties back in August 2020. If you’re worried about coming out of it again, you might find some great support there to.

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