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Dad Chats Live – Dads Talk Discipline: Naughty Step, Time Out, And More!

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Dad Chats Live – Dads Talk Discipline.

Dad Chats Live is here! On Friday 8th May 2020 Nigel spoke to two dads about their approach to discipline, and we loved hearing from them!

There are times we all need to put on the serious parenting hat and discipline our kids. It isn’t always easy, and sometimes, dads talking discipline can be difficult. So we delved into the topic to find out how some of our community discipline their kids. Hearing different dads talk discipline was really interesting. And no matter the approach we all agreed that it’s important to give our kids space to think about what happened and to process it.

We also touched on blended families and how this can complicate discipline across different households – and how to overcome it!

Dads talking discipline was a great Dad Chats Live,

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View on IGTV.

Dad Chats Live – Dads Talk Discipline

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We also agree that an important part of discipline is talking to our children – a lot of unwanted behaviour can come from a child being unable to express their emotions. We have a great post called “Helpful Advice On Communicating With Children About Their Feelings“. In that post, there is great advice on:

  • How To Talk To Your Child About Feelings
  • How To Approach Difficult Subjects With Your Child
  • Why It Is So Important To Talk to Children About Feelings

And it includes some resources to help. It is definitely worth checking out.

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