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Dad Chats Live – Childcare and managing the work/life balance

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Dad Chats Live – Work Life Balance. This week, we are talking about how we balance work and life. This can be the ultimate juggling act. Especially if you have a job that doesn’t support your family life. And with all the changes from the last year, so many of us are more used to being home. How are we managing with the return to work?

We talked about the ups and downs of balancing parenting and a career, The issues that we can face when needing time off for our children, and how we manage to ensure the scales aren’t tipping into “all work and no play”.

We also talked about how the lockdown has impacted our work lives, and how we will make changes as life goes back to normal.

For our lighthearted topic we touched on the lockdown easing – the pubs are open, has anyone been there yet – and if they had, how was it?


1. Work and Childcare. Many of us bump into situations where work and chlidcare can become difficult. Let’s hear your experiences and where we can turn for help.

2. In relation to our first tpoc, are you planning on changing your work-life balance as we move out of lckdown?

3. Our lighthearted topic – have you been to the pub yet? This week saw the lockdown restrictions ease. Have you managed to socialise? Or maybe you’re doing it this weekend?

Did you enjoy this chat? Are you struggling with your life balance? We also have a blog post Is there a secret to Dads and the Work-Life Balance written by Chris Baldrey-Chourio during lockdown.

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