Dad Chats Live - Cultivating Empathy in our children
Dad Chats Live - Cultivating Empathy in our children
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Dad Chats Live – How To Cultivate Empathy In Our Children

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Dad Chats Live – Tonight we are talking about cultivating empathy in our children and why it’s so important with Shaun McInerney (@s.mcinerney) from @ashoka_uk. Ashoka is a collection of professionals who are working together to help children grow to be change makers – and make the world a better place for children now and in future.

Shaun talks to us about how we can teach our children empathy – a great skill that will help them grow into the best people they can be. He told us the difference between empathy and sympathy. And why raising our children to be empathetic will make the world a better place.
He talked about the ways empathy will help our kids relate to other people, and tackle difficult situations.

Teaching empathy is also something that is starting to happen in schools. Shaun tells us how he is working with schools to help them to encourage empathy at all ages. And how he hopes that teaching this important skill will create less adults who are unable to talk about their emotions.

In Part Two we were joined by some of our community talking about how they teach their children to be empathetic, and how this is different to how they were brought up.

This was a really interesting Friday night dad chats, and both parts are below for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for joining us Shaun!

A Blog Post on Teaching Empathy to Our Children.

Shaun also wrote us a fantastic blog on this subject. How to Cultivate Empathy in our Children and Why it Matters goes into more detail about this important subject, touching on;

  • What is Empathy?
  • Why Is Empathy So Important?
  • What Can We Do As Dads?
  • Emotion Coaching – A Tool To Help Cultivate Empathy.

Part 1 Dad Chats Live – Empathy and Changemaking

Part 2 Dad Chats Live

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