Dad Chats Live - International Women’s Day
Dad Chats Live - International Women’s Day
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Dad Chats Live – International Women’s Day and Why It’s So Important

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Last night we had a chat all about International Women’s Day and topics surrounding it.

We all have some women in our lives, friends, family, wives, girlfriends, mother’s and daughters. And International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate them all and the great things they do! But, it is also an opportunity to take stock of the issues facing women, and consider what we can all do about them.

As men, we should think about what we do to help improve these issues. As fathers, we have a responsibility to try and make positive change. At Dadvengers we want to make this world better – especially for our daughters. And we want to teach our sons how to be the best men they can, to support and champion women.

So, how do we do that? What are the challenges facing women? We delved into it this week – and it was a great chat! We were joined by @amitlakhani1986 who raised some really great points. And the comments were full of great discussion on this brilliant topic. We even touched on a topic we have looked at before… Combating Gender Stereotypes To Provide A Better World for our Children. Click on the link to read more on the topic.

This week’s chat was hosted by the brilliant Mark and Ashleigh, it as great to see them up hosting again!

Dad Chat’s Live – International Women’s Day – Part 1

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