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Dadvengers’ Dad of the Year Award 2022 – Celebrating Great Dads

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Something we love celebrating at Dadvengers is great dads! We talk a lot about what makes a great dad, and we know there are loads of them in our community. So we thought… why not celebrate them properly!? This year we are launching the Dadvengers Dad of the Year award – and we want you to nominate the great dads in your life for a chance to win.

Now what is an award without some great prizes…!? We have teamed up with Menkind who have given us some brilliant goodies for the winning dads. But… before we tell you what you can win, we need to tell you more about the Dadvengers Dad of the Year.

What Makes A Great Dad?

Here at HQ we have been talking about what Dadvengers stand for. We are a community of parents supporting dads, but what does it involve? How do we measure it…?

We thought and talked long and hard about this, and what came out of it was a set core pillars. The very essence of what Dadvengers is all about. Not only do we want to share them with you, but we want you to use them to show us how your nominee for Dad of the Year supports any of them!

So our 4 core Dadvengers pillars are:

To Break Dad Stereotypes

Dad stereotypes really get on our nerves. You know the ones we mean… when you’re out with the kids and someone says “oh is dad babysitting today…?”. We know dads don’t babysit – they parent just like mums do! So, this is our first core pillar at Dadvengers. Being a hands on dad, who is actively involved in parenting and is breaking down those dad stereotypes that drive us up the wall! Your nominee should be an actively involved parent, who wants to be fully immersed in their kid’s lives.

To Aid Mental Wellbeing

Men’s mental health and wellbeing is a hugely important part of what we do. We want to be a part of supporting men to talk about their mental health, and breaking down the barriers to them accessing great support. A good Dadvengers’ Dad of the Year nominee may be taking steps to look after their own mental health, and maybe helping others look after their’s too. Perhaps they’re someone who works in the mental health space? Or maybe they talk about their own mental health journey to help others? We want to hear about your nominees who are working to support men’s mental health and wellbeing, whether that’s their own or others.

To Build Better Parenting Communities

There is no doubt about it… Dadvengers is a great parenting community! We started with a handful and now there are hundreds of us and we couldn’t be prouder of what we’re building! We are always looking for new ways to grow our community, from dad walks, to dad chats. From meet-ups to social media posts. We know why it’s important to have a great parenting community to support dads – maybe your nominee helps to create a great parenting community?

Dadvengers Dad Walk Community

Share Parenting Knowledge

Just take a look around our site and you will see how much we want to share knowledge. From our Podcast, or Dad Chats, from Blog Posts to our Partnership with Best Beginnings. Knowledge is power, and we want to share our power to be great parents with you! Your nominee may also share their knowledge. Maybe they share resources with other parents, maybe they have a blog or website of their own. Maybe they join our dad chats and talk about their own experiences.

Great Dads Get Great Prizes!

We couldn’t celebrate dad of the year without giving our winner a little gift. Which is why we have teamed up with Menkind who have provided us with a whole host of fantastic prizes!

Top prize consists of RED5 Hoverboard Pro and a portable GPS drone from RED5.

  • The hoverboard is a super-stylish, rubberised hoverboard with a top speed of 9 Km/h and a range of 5.5 miles. The built in rechargeable battery takes 2-3 hrs to charge and then you’re ready to cruise around on your chrome detailed wheels. The envy of all the kids at the playground.
  • The Drone has a massive 150 metre control distance and 17 minutes flight time. Plus altitude hold, critical return, route planner, follow me, and hand gesture. If that wasn’t enough it also has an on-board HD camera for photos, 1280 x 720p videos, and first-person-view flying.
  • Red-5-hoverboard

There will also be a runners up prize of a Fizzics Draft Beer Dispenser for 2 lucky entrants.

  • With this beer dispenser you get draft beer from a can or bottle! Simply put the beer in, close it, and pour from the tap. It uses patented Micro-Foam technology to enhance flavour, aroma, and works with cans and 500 or 750 ml bottles. A great gift for any beer fan.
Fizzics Draft Beer Dispenser

Fortnightly winners for the duration of competition

In addition to the main winner and runners up, we will be choosing a great nominee every 2 weeks between now and the closing date. This nominee will receive a Deep Fill Pie Maker from Menkind just for being an awesome entrant. It’s a double pie maker from the Hairy Bikers that makes 2 x 10 cm deep fill pies. It has a non-stick, ceramic coating and features a decorative edge crimper. And to make sure your pastry is cut to perfection is comes with a pastry-cutting template. A brilliant prize for any pies loving dad!

  • Hairy Bikers Pie Maker

How to Nominate Someone…

We wanted to keep it simple, so, all you have to do is fill out this Nomination Form. It has two sections that need filling out by the person making the nomination. In section 2 of the form there is a field for each of the ‘Dad of the Year’ pillars. You have to fill out at least one of those fields, but if it’s a super super dad who’s doing lots of things, you may end up filling out all four fields. Please remember, it’s not about how many pillar fields you fill out but more about what you put in those fields and how the nominee if fulfilling that specific pillar.

Dad of the Year Nomination Form

There is also a space for accompanying evidence at the end of section 2. This is where you can present things to support your nomination. It can come in the form of photos, audio files, videos or testimonials. But please don’t worry if you don’t have any evidence, we understand this will often not be possible. But we will need a picture of your nominee so don’t forget to upload one of those in the field provided!

Other than that all you need to know is that the competition opens Monday 4th July and closes 9th October 2022, terms and conditions apply. As mentioned before, during that time we will be picking one winner every two weeks. Winners will be shared on our Instagram page.

Finally, dad’s – you don’t have to wait and hope someone else sees this… nominating yourself is not only allowed, it is encouraged! We can’t wait to start reading all about the great dads out there and what you’re doing! So what are you waiting for… head over to the form and get nominating!

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