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Dad Chats Live - Caring for Children with Special Needs

2 Mins read

This week on Dad Chats Live we delve into the important topic of caring for children with special needs. We asked you to help us understand what it is like parent non neuro-typical children and learning from our community on this subject was amazing. Whether you;re a parent of a child with special needs, working with families in this situation,…

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Star Wars Dads - Everything you need to know about #MandoMondays

6 Mins read
This one is for my Star Wars Dads, yes it’s everything you need to know about #MandoMondays! Now I know not every dad likes Star Wars but there are plenty of you out there. And for lots of you it’s a rite of passage to introduce your kids to the franchise that lit up our imaginations as children. Well earlier…
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Dad Chats Live - The Importance Of A Good Parenting Network

2 Mins read
Dad Chats Live – 30 October 2020, Parenting Network. This week we are coming to you live from @mamashelterlondon. Mama Shelter is a brilliant, family friendly hotel, who kindly let us host Dad Chats from their space! This week, we delve into parenting network. We know that having a parenting network for support is incredibly important – that’s why we are…
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Dad Chats Live - Celebrating 6 Months of Great Chats

1 Mins read
Subjects: Dad Chats 6 month celebration! That’s right folks – Dad Chats is 6 months old today! From the first chat Nigel hosted we knew we were onto something special here. Giving dads a community to reach out to for support, to turn to when we need a laugh, and to cry with when things get hard. We weren’t sure…
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Dadvengers Podcast Pilot Episode K'Nex Competition Terms and Conditions

3 Mins read
Please read these Dadvengers Podcast Pilot Episode K’Nex Competition terms and conditions carefully, as if you enter you are bound by these rules. The Dadvengers Podcast Launch K’Nex Competition is open to residents within the United Kingdom only and excludes Nigel Clarke’s family. Entrants must be at least 18 (Eighteen) years old to enter and participate. No contact details of…
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Dad Chats Live - Educating Our Kids About Diversity; Why Its Important and How To Do It

1 Mins read
Topics covered: As this month is Black History month we wanted to include the topic in one of our chats. So this week we talked about educating our kids about diversity. An important chat that touches on what some people find a difficult subject! The three topics were: 1. How and why we should teach our children about diversity. And…
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Dad Chats Live - Approaching Grief with Children

1 Mins read
Dad Chats Live – 18 September 2020: talking about approaching grief with children, crying in front of your kids and your dream man cave?! Grief is something that will impact all of our lives, and no matter how much we want to protect our children from that, it will impact them to. So this week we chatted about approaching grief…
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Dad Chats Live - Parental Life Lessons

2 Mins read
Dad Chats Live – 12 September 2020. Talking about parental life lessons, curling parents, and dad computer games. This week we delved into the life lessons we give our children. Some life lessons are more important than others, and some really stick with us. Have you given any life lessons to your children yet? Can you remember the parental life…