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Dad Chats Live - Combating Gender Stereotypes to Ensure a Better Future for Our Children

1 Mins read

Topics covered: This week we talked about Combating Gender Stereotypes for our kids. We were joined by James Millar (@politicalyeti), author of “Dads Don’t Babysit”. James talked to us about the importance of tackling gender stereotypes, for us and our children. He talked about the overt, well know stereotypes that we have all seen, and those that run under the…

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Dad Chats Live - The Easing of Lockdown

2 Mins read
Dad Chats Live – 26 February 2021 the easing of lockdown. Well folks, here we go again! Boris made an announcement this week about the easing of lockdown, he laid out the roadmap to release us from the latest enforced stay at home situation! So, we thought we should delve into how we are all feeling. Is it a good…
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Dad Chats Live - Children's Wellbeing, and How Parents Can Better Support Their Kids

1 Mins read
Dad Chats Live Childrens Wellbeing – This week we were joined by special guest Adrian Bethune from @teachappyuk, talking all about what he’s learnt in regards to children’s wellbeing and how parents can better support their kids. 1. Wellbeing – What is it and how can parents support their children? 2. Does your diet affect your wellbeing? Let’s talk about what…
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Dad Chats Live - How to Build Meaningful Relationships With Your Partner and Kids

1 Mins read
Subjects: This week we were joined by special guest Ian Dinwiddy from Inspiring Dads. A website focused on helping stressed dads balance work and fatherhood. We talked about. 1. Building meaningful relationships with your partner and your children. How do we do it and what are the benefits. 2. Do you find it hard to communicate with your partner? Let’s find…
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Dad Chats Live - Talking to Children about Mental Health

1 Mins read
Subjects: 1. Talking to children about mental health. As it’s children’s mental health week, we want to know how you plan on talking to your children about mental health and their feelings. Or if you’ve already started, how have you gone about it? 2. Has your understanding of mental health changed since becoming a parent? We all know that becoming…
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Dad Chats Live - Why It's Important to Play With Your Kids

1 Mins read
Subjects: This week were joined by special guest Susie Robbins who is a play advocate from @resolvetoplay. She talked about why it’s important to play with your kids from a young age. We know that in previous generations men stereotypically were not as involved in the early years experiences including play. However we now know that it enhances a child’s development…