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Dad Chats Live - How to Get Ready for Sleep Training

1 Mins read

Dad Chats Live – Talking about Sleep Training. This week we were joined by a fantastic guest who talked to us about how we, as parents, can best manage helping our little ones to sleep. With some great hints and tips in this chat to help us cope with one of parenting’s toughest times. Jonathan spoke about how to prepare…

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Dad Chats Live - The Great Benefits of Outdoor Play

1 Mins read
Dad Chats Live – talking about the benefits of outdoor play on our children’s development, health and well-being!With special guest Helen Stroudley from @peeplecentre The brilliant Helen Stroudley joined Nigel to talk about why playing outdoors is so important! It has a great positive impact on our health and happiness – and does the same for our children. Whether you just…
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Dad Chats Live - How To Cultivate Empathy In Our Children

1 Mins read
Dad Chats Live – Tonight we are talking about cultivating empathy in our children and why it’s so important with Shaun McInerney (@s.mcinerney) from @ashoka_uk. Ashoka is a collection of professionals who are working together to help children grow to be change makers – and make the world a better place for children now and in future. Shaun talks to us about how…
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Dad Chats Live - A Perinatal Mental Health survival story

1 Mins read
Dad Chats Live – This week Nigel discussed Men’s Perinatal Mental Health with Mark Williams from @fathers_mentalhealthMark is a well known figure in the UK when it comes to mental health and men. He is the founder of Fathers Reaching Out – an organization with a mission to prevent, treat and spread awareness about fathers’ mental health. Mark is also the…
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Dad Chats Live - Postpartum Psychosis from a Dads Perspective

1 Mins read
Dad Chats Live – Postpartum Psychosis. This week we talked about Postpartum Psychosis with Simon O’Mara from @actiononpp. And what a fantastic an insightful session it was. Make sure you check out the videos below. Firstly we learnt that the condition is often misunderstood and many people have heard nothing about. It is also not to be confused with postnatal depression…
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Dad Chats Live - All About Religion And Spirituality

1 Mins read
This week we talk all about religion and spirituality – a really interesting topic! We wanted to touch on how religion and spirituality impacts our lives – what do we believe in, if we believe in anything at all? If we are religious, how does this impact our lives – and our parenting? How do we talk to our children…