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Dad Chats Live – Preparing for the Birth of Your Child

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26 June 2020 – Preparing for the birth of your child.

This week we chatted all things preparation – from the must buys, to the mental preparation. We all know that having a child changes your life – and we wanted to hear how you all prepared for the birth of a child. From the simple steps we can take, to the things most people forget, we wanted to hear it all! And you didn’t let us down. We loved covering this topic – and think you will love listening to it!

Next up we talked about partner conflict. We all have moments when we as parents haven’t been aligned with our partners on discipline, or how we bring up our children. So how do we get past this and get on the same page for the sake of our kids? We heard your experiences and advice on this important subject.

Lastly we asked you what the cutest thing one of your kids has done for you. Our kids can be extra cute sometimes, and they can do little, or big, things that bring tears of joy to our eyes. So we asked, what is that moment for you – what made you think “You are the best!!”

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Part 1: Preparing for the Birth of Your Child

Part 2:

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